Which Gate Operator Should I Buy?

Gate Operators are great convenience devices that one can install in their gates. Along with convenience they offer robust access control to offices, homes and mansions. You can use remote controls to open/close your gates which offers you great flexibility and peace of mind. For instance, you may have small children playing next to the driveway and often times they can wander on the road while playing. With the help of a remote control you can keep your driveway gate closed to ensure safety of your little ones.

Which Gate Operator Should I Buy? is a common question asked by customers when they are looking to automate their gates. There are various types of gate operators available in the market today and one can get overwhelmed with the choices. Following are some of the tips/questions to help consumers research their options before they make a buying decision:

  1. First ascertain what type of gate you have? Primarily there are 2 different types of Gate Operators: Swing gate operators and slide gate operators. Having a swing gate or a slide gate depends on how your driveway and house is designed. You also need to know the weight of your gate (ask your gate installer) since gate operators have different horsepower (HP) capacities. Smaller driveways can have just one gate swinging in or out depending on the slope in the driveway, bigger driveways can have 2 swing gates. This is important to determine if you need a master/slave or dual operator configuration
  2. Number of entry and exit points for the property will help you choose a gate operator that’s sold as a package for a pair of gates or a single gate
  3. Determining the average number of cycles your gate goes through will help you select a gate operator matching your needs. Commercial/Industrial gate operators have a maximum and continuous operating cycle. A gate operator like this one is popular for residential use and also has a battery backup in case of power failure
  4. There are different ways to operate a gate automation system. You could either use a keypad, remote control or have automatic sensors. Your choice depends upon the ease and convenience you prefer operating your gate. Ask a experienced gate automation system installer for his advice on different options.

Gate operators are not normal consumer electronic devices. Its advisable to consult a professional installer to help you. Contact US Gate Supply and a friendly representative will help you over the phone. You can call us on 888-910-2815 or 888-910-2814. Check our contact page for addresses to our San Diego and North Hollywood stores.

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