Gate Operator Care for Weather Changes

Winter has almost set in most parts of the country by now. It’s that time of the year when your gate operators and compatible safety devices need to be checked thoroughly. We have prepared a list of things that one needs to check. The safety checklist is divided as per the type of Gate Operator you use whether it’s Swing, Slide or Overhead gate operators we have you covered:

Slide Gate Operators:

  • Lubrication is essential for the smooth operation of Slide Gate Operators. One needs to make sure that chains and rolling wheels are properly lubricated
  • Safety devices such as- Safety loops, safety photo eyes, safety rubber sensor need to examined and photo eyes should have covers or hoods to prevent rain water from going in as it can malfunction it

Swing Gate Operators:

  • Hinges need to be lubricated in Swing Gate Operators to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Safety devices and photo eyes need to be covered so water from melted snow and rain water doesn’t go in
  • Just a visual inspection of your system can help you pinpoint any problems in the gate operator, safety device or related accessories

Overhead Gate Operators:

  • Overhead Gate Operators need to be inspected by a professional to make sure track rollers should be in good working condition
  • Jam Track power arms needs to be lubricated. Kicker rollers should be in place to prevent the gate from closing to far in

These are just some of the general tips one needs to follow to make sure the gate operators are in top shape and safe to operate. You can follow us on Facebook for more such articles and tips regarding Access Control and Gate Automation.

photo credit: kire via photopin cc

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